Coke,Coca-Cola,Six Pack,Super Bowl XXVIII




Coke,Coca-Cola,Six Pack,Super Bowl XXVIII,Georgia Dome,Commemorative Bottles,’94 1994 Super Bowl XXVIII Commemorative Coca-Cola Six Pack”  is from Coke! This limited edition commemorative 1994 Coca-Cola six pack is from The Holiday Shop of Saratoga Springs Estate Sale collection. This long retired, hard to find collectible was produced by Coca-Cola for Super Bowl XXVIII that took place at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday, January 30, 1994. The Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills battled it out for top team of the 1993 football season. This commemorative six pack holds 6-8 oz bottles.  Never uncapped, each bottle is filled with its original soda

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 9 in


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